Sunday, April 13, 2014

$10 Knockoff

I'm one of those people that has a hard time deciding on what to decorate my walls with. For some reason I don't like personal photos hanging around and if I have them, they are usually not out in the open but in tiny frames you can barely see. It's like an Easter egg hunt to find them except they aren't eggs filled with delicious chocolate. They are just pictures of me and that's not exciting. So actually i guess it's nothing like Easter egg hunting at all. Can you spy one of them in our bedroom?

Yes, I know people, our bedroom is very plain. Womp Womp. I even gave up on putting our plain white duvet cover over the comforter. One day I will build up the energy to put it back on and have midnight untangling matches with it. But for now, let's focus on the walls. This wall to be exact:

I have wanted to hang something there for the longest time but never found anything that really made my boat float. That is, until Jessica Garvin, over at Little Baby Garvin posted these prints from Sugarboo Designs

How cute are they? I love how they make such a statement without being too over the top. So naturally, I went to the website to purchase them and saw the whopping $700 price tag! I literally screamed, rubbed my eyes, and looked again. For that amount of money, we are talking a lot of street corners that I would have to stand on in order to get these prints on my wall. Though I'd like to think i still got IT, I'm not that desperate for wall decor.  A nice 8x10 rug maybe, but not wall decor. So I decided that option was out and I would have to make them myself. And so I did. 

I went to Lowe's and got two 24 x 24 x .2 inch pieces of wood that were $5 each. Any thickness would work but i just figured the lighter the better. 

I used some leftover white primer that we had and painted both boards with a small roller. If you plan to use anything other than a sharpie to write on the boards, I would probably use chalk paint. But seriously use what you have, the project is meant to have imperfections so don't go crazy with getting supplies. 

After the boards were dry I just quickly sanded them to make them easier to write on. I really liked the look of the "I love you, I love you" wording from the original print but felt like I needed to make it a little more personal. Instead, I used the song lyrics by Bob Dylan's "If Not For You", which also happened to be our first dance song at our wedding. Click here to listen to George's version.

I drew out all the words in pencil first to make sure I liked the way it looked.  Thank Jesus i did, because I made a ton of mistakes. By the way,  I have not written in cursive since forging excused absence notes in high school, I'm really sorry Dad, but I did that.  I definitely had to look up how to write in cursive again. The b, f, and v for some reason were super complicated to relearn. I have a new respect for first graders. 

Anyhoo, I then went over it with a plain black Sharpie.

And here is the final product:

Then just stab the back of the board with a picture hanger. 

and voila you have yourself $700 $10 prints! Sorry for the craptastic iphone photos. In person, they look even better and make me smile every time I walk in. 

So there you have it. I got the prints that i wanted and I didn't even have to stand on a street corner to get them. Have you all attempted a knockoff version of something? If not, I highly recommend it.


  1. I like this! I think I could maybe attempt this, but I am worried about my cursive! I have not written in cursive in years! PS: Some schools don't even teach it anymore at all! Crazy, huh?

    1. Not surprising. Pretty soon everyone will have a tablet do their school work on anyways. And I'm sure you could just use your regular handwriting and it would be just as cute! If you screw up just paint back over it!

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