Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Linen Closet Happily Ever After

There are a couple of spaces in our house where visitors are not allowed to enter. Like a Disney castle with forbidden rooms that are hiding special roses under glass domes that must not be tampered with. Name the movie! In our castle, one of those forbidden spaces is our linen closet. Instead of hiding wilting roses, we are hiding an embarrassing mess of old blankets, mismatched towels, and snuggies. I am going to show you the beast of a mess that lives behind the door, but you cannot drop your jaw in judgement after I show you. Ok?

Here we go:

Here is a close up for those of you that don't think it's that bad at first glance.  It's bad. 

No, I have no idea how we have been living this way.

Oh there's the toilet paper!

My first step was to take everything out of there to better assess the situation. I found some interesting things like this sports quilt. I will say nothing further since AJ's grandma made it. 

I also found and modeled this Clemson snuggie which I obviously kept. 

I found this dainty towel from AJ's bachelor days that were apparently filled with wild tea parties and flower arrangements. 

Once everything was slowly sorted into keep, toss, give piles, I had a pretty decent sized linen closet. I always complain about the lack of storage options we have, when in reality, we just have tons of random stuff that we never use and NEVER will. Without all of those unwanted linens in there, the closet seemed huge. 

Here is what the closet looked like after about an hour of folding, sorting and pondering what order on the shelf everything made sense for us. Ya know, because the order of sheets and towels hiding in a closet is a very important life decision. 

Here is how I organized all of it from the floor on up for those of you who care.  

Floor: I corralled all of our bathroom items (toilet paper, qtips, cotton balls, shampoo, etc.)in the large basket on the floor. I like to call in contained clutter. 
Shelf 1: Beach towels and B team towels. 
Shelf 2: Bath towels that we use all the time. 
Shelf 3: Bathroom rugs in the middle. One basket contains dish towels and the other contains bath wash cloths. 
Shelf 4: Sheets, fitted sheets, and pillow cases.
Top Shelf: Dining room table linens (Tablecloths, napkins, runners).

I have to say this little makeover makes me feel like a new woman and I feel certain that we can live happily ever after, my closet and I. I literally walked by and opened the door at least 20 times to admire how organized everything was. 

Have you all done any spring cleaning lately that made you feel better about your life? It made me feel so good that I plan on tackling our broom closet next! 


  1. Hey Krysta! I was cracking up while reading your blog. You have talent girl! Loved it!

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