Monday, March 31, 2014

Chalkboard Wall

A while back I got really bored. When i find myself in this predicament, I normally stuff my face with anything I can find in the refrigerator to distract myself from that feeling instead of, ya know, doing something productive. But then after I eat, I find myself in the same state of boredom, just fatter. Sigh. But we're talking about one time when that didn't happen and instead I decided to paint my wall black.

Chalkboard black to be exact. In our office. The one and only room that has been named the man cave that the husband supposedly has complete control over. Yeah, no. I just made him think this was his brilliant idea. *Evil laugh* 

Now I know you all have seen this project floating around Pinterest lately so I'll just let you know what we did and some quick tips. 

1. Make sure you put down a sheet or drop cloth or whatever so that you don't ruin your hardwoods/carpet. This seems obvious but I just gotta say it for those lights on, nobody's home type people. No, not you, never.

2. I saw some complaints that a regular paint roller didn't work well but for us it did. It may depend on the texture of your walls. Ours are pretty smooth. 

3. We did not use any primer and didn't sand at all. We are lazy. 

4. We did two coats and gave it 24 hours to completely dry. 

5. After it was completely dry, we turned a piece of chalk on its side and went over the entire wall to "prime" it for doodling.

6. Erase all the chalk with a damp cloth and let dry. At this point you should be ready to doodle to your hearts content! 

We started with some cheap chalk that we already had that didn't work well at all. I went out and got a Roseart set and all the colors work like a charm! Also, if your chalk is acting up just dip it in some water and it should start writing again. 

I do have to admit that the only thing I regret is not painting magnetic paint underneath those two coats. It would be kind of cool to be able to stick magnets all over it. Remember those plastic ABC letters that you stuck all over your childhood refrigerator? That was thrilling! but now I'm 28 so maybe I don't need it. But maybe I could stick adult things all over it. Like our mortgage bill and all of our to do lists. On second thought, maybe it's for the best that we didn't. 

So there ya have it! Anyone else have the guts to paint an entire wall black?  Or maybe a smaller area that isn't so permanent? Do you have one in your house? Show me now! 


  1. I love the wall! Like the idea of putting a coat of magnetic paint underneath the chalkboard paint.

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