Friday, March 14, 2014

Bold and Gold

I'm just going to dive right into this post. Finding curtains for our dining room was frustrating with a capital F my life. The top of the windows to the floor measures 95 inches. Do you people know how hard it is to find 95 inch curtains, in the color you want, on a cheap beer budget? No? Well let me save you the trouble of finding out. IT'S HARD. Don't try and do it, just pack up your crap and move out. 

I'm kind of exaggerating. Sort of. But most homes that I have seen/lived in have windows that can accomodate 84 inch window panels that you can pick up at your local Bed Bath and Beyond or Target if that is your wish. If i put those standard sized curtains on my windows at home it would be like putting capri pants on Liam Hemsworth, still sexy but something wouldn't be quite right. Because I would rather see Liam in longer, manly type pants, I had to scower the internet and all of our local home stores for the perfectly inexpensive, 95 inch mustard/gold window panels and hope that when they got delivered, they would be perfect just like Liam. Make sense? Good. 

These are just some examples of some of the 500 panels that were way out of my very low price range that I wasn't really crazy about to begin with. 

Total: $177.96 

Total: $399.97

Total: $543.96

Not kidding, I spent a solid month looking for these things. Then I came across these beauties on eBay that seemed to be exactly what I was looking for: 

Cheap with a grand total of $59.96!!
And 95inches (or more) ✔ 

Can you believe they are only $14.99 per panel, under $60 for all four?! I decided that it was too good to be true but ordered them anyway. 

I have to say that once they were delvered, ironed and hung up I became slightly obsessed with them. Oh and I also switched out the pictures which we'll talk about some other day. What do you guys think? 

I think at this point we deserve a good before and after!


So you see folks, curtains are important. They keep your neighbors from seeing you naked. They keep out the light on a bright Sunday afternoon after too many margaritas with your girlfriends from the night before. They help lessen the echo of your singing voice that you believe sounds pretty decent. Most importantly of all, they give your home the touch of fabulousness that it would otherwise be missing. So please don't ever give up on finding the perfect pair of window panels and never forget to check ebay during your search!


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