Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Evening Photo Stroll

There are two things I love about Charleston so far:

1. It seems as though everyone is looking for an opportunity to drink wine during the week.
2. The city is gorgeous! Not all of it, but mostly everywhere you turn, there stands a beautiful building with a story to tell.

My friend Katlyn took me down to The Battery yesterday evening to show me all the amazingness that lined the streets. I would seriously give my big toe and maybe my right pinky to live in any of those houses.

We spent our time poking around peoples front doors and peeking over fences, illegal perhaps? Maybe. I know people don't like looking at pictures of just random buildings and sites so that's why I uploaded a bunch for you to see! 

Fine, I'll throw one in of me and a canon.

Have you all strolled around your hood with a camera lately? Sometimes it's nice to stop and focus in on what's beautiful.


  1. Charleston looks so pretty! Color me jealous!

  2. You got some great pictures! Are you putting any on Flickr?