Thursday, December 8, 2011

Super Easy DIY Ornaments

I saw this ornament at West Elm the other day and said to myself, "self, you could totally make these for a whole lot cheaper than $8 a piece!" And so I did.

What you will need:
-Clear ornaments (I bought 9 for $6)
-Hole punch
-Wrapping paper scraps.

Step 1.
Choose a few scraps of wrapping paper or just plain ol' paper. I ended up using the craft paper and plain white paper.

Step 2.
Punch out A LOT of circles. This isn't a science project, it doesn't have to be an exact amount of circles, just eyeball what looks to be a good amount to you.

Step 3.
Take off the ornament top and place a tiny amount of water (and I mean like a few drops) inside the ornament and coat entire bulb with the drops. Shake out any remaining water. You want it to be just damp enough for the circles to stick but not to make a soggy mess. Get what I'm sayin'?

Step 4.
Put your hole punches inside the ornament and shake it like a salt shaker. I recommend doing a little dance to spice things up.

Step 5.
Replace the top and hang them on your tree for everyone to admire!

I like that there is no mess unless you decide to play 52 hole punch pick up. It kind of looks like they were hand painted polka dots. So do you think you all can handle this project? Have you made any ornaments this year? Show me!


  1. cute! Will they stay stuck year after year? Reminds me of some Kate Spade design!

  2. Love them! I may have to try this! I've got some glitter ones in the making but I did make one out of our wedding invitation.

  3. Robin- I'm sure they will unstick over time but adding a drop of water every year would probably do the trick!

    Ashley- Love that idea!