Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Decorating

We finally got around to putting the final touches on our Christmas tree last night. Getting the tree up and lighted last Wednesday was quite the ordeal. It is probably the tallest and widest tree we have ever gotten which made for less than easy maneuvering. I swear I looked like a Christmas tree from all the crap in my hair. Let's just say we needed a little break from the ol' Frasier. 

So last night it actually took us about 25 minutes from start to finish to put all the ornaments on, but thanks to this time lapse video, you can see all of it in under two minutes! Lucky you, right? 

Things to note:
1. If you are at work, I would turn your volume down because the song starts out pretty loud. I wouldn't want you to spill scalding hot coffee on your business casual ensemble.
2. Sterling is in the background hooking. Hooking ornaments that is, which is why he is only on video for a few flashes.
3. I realize that our lights our bunched up on the left and completely nonexistent in certain places and we don't intend on fixing that. 
4. The tree is so tall (almost 10 feet) that I couldn't get it all on video. It does have a top though. Trust.
5. Please ignore my roly poly arms. I get em' from my mama. Thanks!

Since you can't really see from the video, I have a thing for owls and Sterling has a thing for deer. And since we are both attracted to shiny balls, that in a nutshell is our tree "theme". 

Did you guys already put up your tree? Are yours real or fake? What is your tree theme?

Tune in tomorrow for the easiest DIY ornament tutorial ever!


  1. Your tree is so big and beautiful! It looks great!

  2. Your tree does look great, and I love that you can see your awesome advent calendar in the background in the video!

  3. Usually my tree is lovely and matches my great rooms decor, buuuut this year our daughter is two. I busted out our regular tree trimmings only to realize they were glass. Toddler + glass ornaments = year right! So off to the store we go for "shatter proof ornaments" and my husband and daughter had a blast picking the BRIGHTEST COLORS IMAGINABLE! I have a purple tree skirt, green ribbon garland, multi colored LED lights and so many shiny/glittery ornaments (in green, blue, teal, magenta, purple etc.) that our tree looks like it might throw up. It hurts me to look at it, really, but I love it because every day my daughter wakes up and starts talking about "her boofin kisimin tree" (beautiful xmas tree, lol).