Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

Over the weekend I vowed to take on the Pinterest Challenge. Ya know, actually doing one of the hundreds of pins on my boards instead of just admiring them from other peoples homes? Other bloggers jumped on the bandwagon as soon as Young House Love announced it on their site and I figured sure why the heck not?

I have been looking all over for a red and white chevron runner to go in front of my washer and dryer and haven't found one in my price range which is like, uh, $20. So I decided this was the perfect challenge to take on. Here are some of my inspiration pins:

I picked up this rug at Target the other day. The red was the perfect color which meant that I only needed white paint which I already had from previous projects. Suh-weet!

I printed out six sheets on card stock of this chevron pattern from Sunset.com which was 100% free. Thank god for the fabulous Decor8 blog where I first found it. Then I cut out the pattern and taped three of of the zig zags together creating two long stencils. 

I am going to be honest with you and say that it wasn't looking too good at the beginning. In fact, I almost threw the whole thing away mid project. The paint was seeping underneath the stencil creating messy blobs. I'm not sure if it was the material of the rug or if I was laying the paint on too thick. I eventually ended up using a smaller brush and free handing the rest of the rug and surprisingly got better results. 

I didn't realize until I uploaded the pictures that another coat of paint is definitely necessary. It ain't perfect but at least i can say that I tried and that crazy little rug is starting to grow on me now.

Update: I took the time and went over the rug with more paint. I think it looks a lot more complete! Don'tcha think?

Did you all take on the Pinterest Challenge? Show me, show me!


  1. I think it turned out fantastic! At the very least we challenged ourselves and got motivated, it was fun!

  2. What a great project! You did wonderfully! I was thinking about doing an outdoor one of these for our three seasons porch...now I will be sure to have it done for fall!

  3. That's interesting about the freehand turning out better. I had wanted to try this myself, so I'm glad to know! Looks good!

  4. I love this project! I am looking for a rug for my livingroom, and this gives me great ideas... thanks so much for posting this. Also, I have a blog at www.loveinhabit.com

    I would love it if you would follow me, my goal is to have 100 followers by 2012!

  5. OOh I like it! I think it turned out great :) I also took part in the Pinterest Challenge (wasn't it fun?)!


  6. Thanks ladies! I loved seeing all of the projects today!

  7. Damn, damn, damn. I've never heard of Pinterest, and now I'm on the waiting list. As IF I need more things to do around here.

    Love the carpet, by the way. I think it looks great!

  8. cute. When things don't start out well, I usually end up with it in the stash of "one day I'll get back to that projects". One day...I'll get back to those free cycle chairs I was so excited about.

    Glad you finished this. It looks great!


  9. This came out great! I've been wanting to do a chevron rug, too. I like the red and white together.

  10. Wow that turned out really great! I've been meaning to attempt this, but it just makes me so nervous! Your post makes me want to just take the plunge and try it! Thanks :)

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

  11. Wow! This is adorable, can't believe you made it with stencils and paint! Could actually be within my skill range?! : ) Looks great in the space too!

  12. Good job you! So great that we can change rugs to be whatever we dream! Thank you for sharing!